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Futures Trading

Commodity Trading Software

Searchable directory of software applications for commodity trading.

Consensus National Futures & Financial Weekly

is one of the largest Online sources of in-depth research for trading the markets. The investment newspaper used daily by stock and futures traders. Your research library Online.

Grains Newsletter

Free current issue: Wm. Grandmill's proven successful futures prices forecasts w/built-in safety: wheat, soybeans, corn. Dr. James S. Gould's trade recommendations in every issue.

Canada Futures Traders Newsletter

Free futures trading newsletter on the U.S. and Canadian Markets.

The Cattle Trader

A systematic approach to investing in cattle futures.


The online community for Eurex futures traders. Trading News, quotes and forum.

Futures Trading

provides a Free Nasdaq 100 and S&P 500 index trading newsletter, tips, tactics, market calls, trading services, books, and trader education. Services use John Netto's methodology.

Managed Futures & SafeMoneyMetrics

Risk management services that optimize the potential returns in managed futures by preventing ill-fated losses. Suitable for sophisticated investors, financial advisors and institutions.

Quantum Futures

Profit from today's uncertain markets with Omniscience, the next-generation futures trading system that delivers consistently profitable results while successfully managing your risk. Free 7 day trial.


World's largest seasonal futures trading strategy database. Locate highly historically accurate and profitable seasonal strategies quickly and easily. Free trial.

SPI Studies

The SPI report is a tool developed by a trader for traders. It is a proprietary report that we have been developing over the better part of Six years and now implement into a powerful tool that traders can add to their toolboxes.

The Trading Coach

Futures trading education and mentoring. One on one mentoring - it is never too late to turn profitable.

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